Are you CRC ready ?


What is CRC?

CRC means Child Resistant Container. Health Canada (HC) has mandated that all new e-cigarette devices and accessories are to be CRC Compliant or CRC Certified. What does this mean for Vapers? In short, HC created these regulations to prevent youth, and idiots from getting into tanks, pods, and atomizers that contain e-liquid, making the vaping device more harm reduced to the youth. This might require you to add a little extra effort and time into filling your pods or tanks.


What is the difference between CRC Certified, and CRC Compliant?


CRC Certified would be devices that are filled by the person using it, examples include:


- Tanks

- Coils & Atomizers

- Cartridges & Pods

- Open Pod Systems


CRC Compliant would be devices or pods that the person using does NOT fill themselves, examples include:


- Disposable vaping devices

- Sealed and/or Pre Filled Cartridges and Pods

- Press to Fill Devices



What does this mean for you?


Any new device or accessories you purchase in the future must be CRC. Upon opening your purchase, it may look the same until you go to fill the device. There may be a small secondary silicone seal that will have to be moved out of the way to fill your pods. There may also be a lock, almost like a switch, that needs to be held to release the coil. All these extra steps ensure that youth are protected and not being harmed from contact with the liquids inside.


When does this take place?


We currently have until July 1st, 2021 to ensure that all of our products are CRC Compliant or CRC Certified. This is happening Canada-wide, and Canadian Vape Vendors will only carry and distribute CRC compliant products.

Not sure if your CRC?


Easiest thing to do is look on your product packaging for the CRC logo



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