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The beauty of deciding to quit smoking cigarettes and making the switch to vape is that you don’t need to make a final decision. There’s no need for one last cigarette or a ceremonial goodbye because the entire process is gradual and doesn’t evoke pressure or fear.


Your decision to start your smoke free journey might not happen overnight but it’s important to remember that every journey starts with a single step. We’re here to help you transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping and this guide will outline everything you need to know to make it possible. Millions of people just like you have been able to successfully switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping.


Switching from Cigarettes to Vaping

Vapanada has a wealth of knowledge in the vaping industry and our experience has equipped us with the skills to help you switch to vape.


What happens when you quit smoking and switch to vaping?

There are a few things that every new vaper needs to know:


There is an ideal e-cigarette for everyone.

Finding the ideal e-cigarette is all part of the experience and it may take a little trial and error to find the perfect fit. Not all smokers smoke the same brand of cigarettes and the same can be said for e-cigarettes. Not all products are suited for all vapers so if you’ve tried vaping and didn’t like it it’s important that you don’t give up! Our experienced and trustworthy team will help guide you in the right direction so you can quit smoking and start using e-cigarettes.


Coughing at first is very normal.

The sensation from vaping isn’t the same as smoking and smokers will most likely cough when they try vaping for the first time. Cigarettes have a thinner smoke sensation than vape so you may experience a cough as a result of the thicker vapour. Luckily, there are various types of e-liquids to choose to help you combat the cough by adjusting the viscosity or type of nicotine (put hyperlink to nicotine section). If you’re concerned about the cough you can reach out to our team to help you find the combination of device and e-liquid that’s right for you.


You may get a dry mouth.

When vaping, it’s normal to get a dry mouth, nose, and throat. There are four main ingredients in every e-liquid or three if you’ve opted for a nicotine-free e-liquid and some of the ingredients are “hygroscopic” which essentially means that they work to draw water to them and away from you! A quick and simple fix is to stay hydrated and drink water regularly.


The transition takes time.

You may switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping and never touch a cigarette again or it may take you a little more time to pull it off. It’s important to remain persistent, you can even adjust your e-liquid flavor and type and experiment until you’ve completely kicked your smoking habit.


Stop vaping like a smoker.

A common mistake that people make when switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping is trying to vape like a smoker. Taking long, slow, and steady puffs as opposed to short, hard puffs like a cigarette will make a world of difference.


Patience Is The Key.

Cigarettes are manufactured to provide smokers with their nicotine fix right away and the nicotine hit you get from vaping takes a little bit longer. Even though you may not get instant gratification from vaping, the satisfaction lasts longer. The transition may be a little frustrating at first, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can adapt.


You can vape too much.

Just like smoking one too many cigarettes, you can vape too much. If you smoke too much nicotine you may experience side effects like a headache, mild nausea, or dizziness. If you experience any of these side effects you can adjust how frequently you vape or consider switching your nicotine strength.


There are tons of e-cigarettes and vaping pods to choose from so it may seem overwhelming at first but there is an e-cigarette for everyone. Each type of e-cigarette offers a different experience and there’s no one size fits all solution. Products can normally be broken down into three main categories:

1. Disposables

2. Pod E-cigarettes

3. Refillable E-cigarettes

Disposable e-cigarettes

The popularity of disposable e-cigarettes has exploded in 2020. They’re convenient and hassle free because they don’t require any maintenance at all - no pod change or charging. Just puff and discard. Disposable e-cigarettes come in many flavors and sizes. Puff count is the main size determinant and are available from 300 puffs up to 2000 puffs. All disposable e-cigarettes use Salt nicotine with strengths from 20mg up to 50mg.


Pod e-cigarettes

Pod e-cigarettes are e-cigarettes that have a pod or cartridge as opposed to a tank and each one is made up of a rechargeable battery and a pod or cartridge that clicks into the device. These e-cigarettes are easy to use and maintain and they are perfect for new vapers. In addition to being easy to use they are also compact, discrete, and designed to mimic the sensation of smoking.


Prefilled pods

Prefilled pods are full of e-liquid, making them one of the easiest and most convenient devices to use. When the pod is empty, you simply discard it and plug in a new one. Everything you need is included in the pod, so you won’t need to worry about any extra steps - its quick and simple! All prefilled pods e-cigarettes use Salt nicotine with strengths from 20mg up to 50mg.


Refillable pods

Refillable pods come empty so you can fill them with whatever e-liquid you want. The main advantage of refillable pods is you get a much wider selection of flavours and nicotine options.


Refillable pods can be refilled on average 10 times before they begin to lose flavour or produce less vapour. After this happens, you’ll need to replace your pod with a new one. These pods are not as simplistic as prefilled pods, but you will end up saving money and wasting less in the long run.


Refillable e-cigarettes

Refillable e-cigarettes come in a variety of shapes and sizes including small cylindrical styles and large box shapes. Many of these products are operated by simply pressing a button and the majority of refillable e-cigarettes have adjustable settings. In addition to adjusting your settings, you can customize your experience even more by choosing whichever strength and flavour you prefer.


What e-liquid type should I choose?

When choosing an e-liquid, you have two choices to make – nicotine strength and flavour.



For nicotine, you have to decide what type of nicotine you prefer – free base or salt nicotine. The main difference between the two are the way the nicotine hits you. A good metaphor is alcohol. The free base hits you like the alcohol in beer or wine hits you – slow and smooth. Salt nicotine hits you like a tequila shot – fast and furious! The table below lists the main characteristics of free base and salt nicotine:



After you decide which nicotine type you prefer, Free Base or Salt, you can then figure out what nicotine strength you’ll need. A good reference point is using the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day.


Generally speaking, the less cigarettes you smoke the lower nicotine and vice versa. These guidelines aren’t finite, and you may realize that you need a stronger nicotine strength to satisfy your cravings. Your goal is to get off the cigarettes by satisfying your body’s needs. A common mistake many first-time vapers do is decide to lower their nicotine right away as if they’re going on a diet. A few days or even hours later, they realize that they’re craving a cigarette because the vape just isn’t doing it for them. Our advice is to pick a nicotine strength that will give your body what it’s used to. When you’re completely off the cigarettes, then start to lower your nicotine at your own pace. Remember, it’s not the nicotine that kills you, it’s the gazillion chemicals in the tobacco. Like anything new, it’s best to experiment until you find the nicotine strength that best suits your needs.



Choosing your e-liquid flavour is the easy part because there are so many different unique flavours to choose from! It’s tough to recommend one specific flavour because it all comes down to personal preference. The majority of new vapers will start off with something like tobacco or menthol flavours because they’re familiar and mimic the familiarities of cigarettes. After you’ve become more accustomed to vaping you can experiment with different flavour combinations until you find the perfect fit!


It’s important to start out gradually so you can give your body time to adjust to the e-liquid that you’ve chosen. Make sure to purchase a small quantity of your first e-liquid so you can make sure that it’s the right strength and flavour.


Vapanada makes the process of choosing your perfect flavour easy by categorizing each flavour into the following categories:


Fruit: Fruit is the most popular category that offers a variety of flavours including apple peach, cherry bomb salt, double apple, and so much more!


Iced: Iced flavours offer fruity combinations with a hint of menthol so you can experience a minty exhale. Flavours include arctic berry, blueberry kiwi salt,frozen grape, grapefruit watermelon, mango, and many more.


Mint: Mint offers cool and crisp flavour combinations with hints of mint, spearmint, or peppermint. Flavours include Menthol.


Dessert/Rich: This category offers a variety of unique creamy dessert flavours like custard and cheesecake!


Candy Candy flavours are popular among people who have a sweet tooth. Flavours include everything from lollypops to cotton candies.


Tobacco: Tobacco flavours offer a classic experience with flavour combinations like fresh tobacco and tobacco with notes of coffee and vanilla.


Drinks: Vapanada offers a variety of drink flavours including everything from fruit punch to pina colada!


Plain If you like to keep things plain then this is the flavour for you! Vaping with plain e-liquid is comparable to vaping steam water.




Make sure to avoid smoking triggers


It’s important to start out by asking yourself why you want to quit smoking and become a vaper. Is it because you have health concerns, financial stressors, or maybe just the smell of the ashtray? No matter what the reason is, it’s important to always keep it in the back of your mind. Write down this reason and look at it every time you get the urge to smoke a cigarette.


When do you crave a cigarette most? Is it when you first wake up and have your morning cup of coffee? It’s very useful to identify what triggers your cravings so you can work on beating them before they start.


A good tip is to always have your device with you so you can address those triggers. Another tip is to always make sure you have everything you need to curb your cravings. Making sure your e-cigarette is charged and you don’t run out of e-juice will ensure that you can always reach for your e-cigarette as opposed to a traditional cigarette. Vaping is one of the best ways to quit smoking because you can always curb your cigarette cravings with an e-cigarette.


Why do e-cigarettes work so well to quit smoking?

E-cigarettes are ideal for quitting cigarettes because they help smokers mimic many of the same habits, sensations, and behaviours.


Hand to mouth action.

The movements you make when you smoke cigarettes are the same movements that you make when you vape. Both experiences require you to lift something to your mouth and that habit can be hard to break for an e-smoker.


The sensation of inhaling.

Smokers inhale smoke from a cigarette and vapers inhale vapour from an e-cigarette. Both experiences require you to inhale so you won’t miss a thing when you switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping.



Exhaling a large cloud of smoke and releasing is a sensation that smokers often miss but this sensation can be mimicked with vaping when you exhale and create a cloud of vapour.


Nicotine delivery.

Vaping is a alternative to smoking cigarettes that can help you satisfy your nicotine cravings in a safer and cleaner way.


Throat hit.

As a smoker, you’re familiar with the sensation of experiencing a throat hit and you can mimic this sensation by vaping.




E- cigarettes are as harmful as smoking.

There are many studies that prove that e-cigarettes are not as harmful as traditional cigarettes. In the first long-term health study of a group of vapers that had never smoked that was conducted over a period of three and a half years, Professor Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania and his research group concluded that rather than just being far safer than smoking, long-term vapers who had never smoked were identical in respiratory health to those who had never smoked or vaped.


E-cigarettes don’t help you quit smoking

At the beginning of 2019 a research team, led by Professor Peter Hajek published the results of a randomized trial in the New England Journal of Medicine. The results concluded that e-cigarettes were not only helpful in quitting attempts, but that they were also almost twice as effective as other nicotine replacement products.


Second-hand vapour is harmful

It’s widely known that second-hand cigarette smoke is harmful, but the same thing can’t be said for e-cigarettes. The Lorillard Tobacco Company published a study that revealed that passive vaping isn’t harmful. The 2014 study compared the levels of carcinogens in second-hand vape to second-hand smoke. The study then concluded that second-hand vapour contains the same level of carcinogens as the ambient air that everyone breathes.


Vaping is more addictive than smoking

Although nicotine is an addictive substance, there is no concrete proof that suggests that vaping is more addictive than smoking cigarettes. There is however research that suggests that e-cigarettes are less addictive than traditional cigarettes.


I’m a vaper, what’s next?

Congratulations! You’ve officially taken the first step on your journey. It’s normal if your journey takes a little extra time and it’s important to keep trying and remain positive. Don’t let the pressure of quitting get in the way of your success, millions of vapers just like you have successfully quit smoking cigarettes!


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced and extremely dedicated staff if you need any help picking out the right products or if you need support along the way. We’re here to make your transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping as seamless as possible.


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