STLTH - Fruitbae - Grapefruit Watermelon

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Zesty meets sweet with this one! Say hello to an exotic twist between sweet and zesty grapefruit and thirst quenching, fresh watermelon. You guys are in for a treat with this one! Tangy and sweet with a hint of mint. Take your taste buds out on a fruity a Read more
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(Formerly known as “Sorbae”)

These yummy STLTH PODS offer an exotic twist between sweet and zesty grapefruit, thirst quenching, fresh watermelon, and tangy and sweet with a hint of mint. Take your taste buds out on a fruity adventure with this treat for your taste buds! This collaboration between STLTH and Fruitbae comes with three pods, each with a two millilitre e juice capacity.

Today’s new vapers are looking for the quickest, easiest way to make the switch to vape. But how to know what’s right for you?
Meet the STLTH; your new best friend in the war on the stinky smokies. This vape uses those pre-filled pods with nicotine liquid – insert the pod into the battery and you’re done! Just inhale! No fiddly little parts, no mess, no maintenance! Unlike the pre-filled vapes from gas stations and convenience stores, STLTH is a CANADIAN-MADE brand, that is NOT partnered or owned by any Big Tobacco company. STLTH also offers 3 nicotine strengths; so, whether you’re a heavy user or a “social smoker”, STLTH allows you to choose the one that’s right for you, so you can reduce your nicotine intake at your own pace.

And unlike all other pre-filled pod vapes on the market, STLTH has over TWO DOZEN FLAVOURS! From tobaccos to fruit, and everything in between, there’s a flavour for everyone. And that’s important – if it tastes good, you won’t want to smoke! With your STLTH in hand, you’re one step closer to quitting for good, and one step closer to a Smoke-Free Canada!

  • 2ml Capacity/ Pod
  • Available in 20 mg and BOLD 50 mg
  • 3 pods/ pack