Is Vaping better than smoking?

Is Vaping better than smoking?

Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?            

As a smoker, you probably already know that smoking tobacco is a dangerous and harmful habit that can lead to a wide range of health problems, including cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. In recent years, many people have turned to vaping as a safer alternative to smoking.

Vaping involves inhaling a vapour, which is produced by heating a liquid (e-juice) that contains nicotine. While some people still view vaping as a controversial practice, there is growing evidence to suggest that switching from smoking to vaping can be a healthier choice.

[Researchers] have already established that switching completely to vaping nicotine is less harmful than continuing to smoke. The best available evidence indicates that adults who smoke, who then switch completely to vaping:

  • Immediately reduce their exposure to the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke; 
  • See general health improvements in the short term as a result of no longer smoking cigarettes; 
  • May be more likely to quit smoking than those who use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or counselling to quit; 
  • Do not currently report serious unwanted effects while using vaping products to quit.”

Health Canada

One of the biggest reasons why vaping is considered a healthier alternative to smoking is that it doesn't involve burning any carcinogens such as tobacco.  When tobacco is burned, it releases a massive range of harmful chemicals, including tar and carbon monoxide. These chemicals can damage your lungs and increase your risk of lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses. Smoking is the leading preventable cause of illness and premature death in Canada[1] and cigarettes contain known carcinogens such as formaldehyde, lead, and arsenic.[2]

Unlike smoking, vaping does not involve burning anything. Instead, the e-juice is heated to produce a vapour, which is then inhaled. While the e-juice does contain chemicals, it is considered to be much less harmful than tobacco smoke. E-juice is a mixture of:

  • Food-grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Food-grade Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Flavouring
  • Water
  • Liquid nicotine

Another advantage of vaping is that it allows users to control the amount of nicotine they consume. Most e-liquids come in different strengths, ranging from high nicotine content to nicotine-free. People who are trying to quit smoking can gradually reduce their nicotine intake over time, meaning that using e-cigarettes can be an effective way to quit smoking.

In addition to being less harmful than smoking, vaping also has other advantages. For example, e-cigarettes do not produce the strong odour that is associated with smoking. This means that vapers can enjoy their habit without worrying about the smell sticking to their clothes or hair. Vaping does not produce second-hand smoke or the greasy, yellow residue that cigarette smoke leaves behind.

There is still some uncertainty about the long-term health effects of e-cigarette use as vaping is a relatively new phenomenon. However, switching from smoking to vaping can be a healthier choice for many people. While vaping is not entirely risk-free, choosing to vape instead of smoke can reduce a person’s exposure to harmful chemicals and improve their overall health.

If you are a smoker who is interested in quitting, vaping is a great alternative to consider. Click here for a simple beginner’s guide to vaping. 


[1] Decima Research. (2009). Testing of Health Warning Messages and Health Information Messages for Tobacco Products. Prepared for Health Canada.

[2] Via

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